Your Mind is a Funny Thing

Why We Laugh and How to be Funnier

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About the book

Discover the hidden secrets of humor in this groundbreaking and captivating exploration of the neuroscience behind laughter. Join me as I unravel the mysteries of what makes us laugh.

Your Mind is a Funny Thing reveals a revolutionary hypothesis that demystifies the inner workings of humor, backed by rigorous research and expert insights. Your Mind is a Funny Thing is a fresh perspective on the art of making people laugh, making it an essential read for comedy enthusiasts, aspiring humorists, and curious minds alike.

Delve into the fascinating science of laughter and explore our brain's most enigmatic function. Uncover the secret behind every chuckle, smirk, and giggle, and change the way you experience humor. Your understanding of comedy will never be the same!

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Your Mind is a Funny Thing is available in standard dead tree format, audiobook, and e-book. Please check the list below for the option that suits you best.

Note that the book should be available in every region that Amazon serves, so if for whatever reason you want to buy the book on or .ca or any of their other domains, you can!

Just go to your preferred Amazon region, and then copy and paste "Dave Gutteridge Your Mind is a Funny Thing" into their search bar, and it should come right up.

AMA(kind of) on Reddit

Also, I don't know where else to put this link, but, a little while ago someone on Reddit asked, "ELI5: What makes our brains go "that was funny, now let's laugh"?"

I posted an answer, and it generated a bunch of discussion, with people asking about my ideas on how humour works.

If you're interested in the topic, some of the discussion might be of interest.