As a person who aspires to be known for, and hopefully live off of, his creative output, how my work gets reproduced or used is very important to me.

If you're reading this, then I can hope, maybe even assume, that you care enough to be concerned with proper credit and use, and for that, thank you.


The content on this website is copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

I've tried my best to describe how this form of copyright works here in easy to understand terms, but if there's any uncertaintly, then the terms as outlined on the page linked above are the final word.

In simple and practical terms, this isn't too different from regular copyright, which by default says you should always request permission before using anything.

The difference is that I'm allowing for some limited use without checking with me first. I'm all for people sharing and using my work, so long as they are fair about it and don't try to profit from it without including me.

If you're unsure, you should contact me

Conditions For Use

In order to use anything I've created in a new context that you create, you must abide by the following restrictions.

The most important conditions is that you can not profit from my work in any way. If you want to combine my work into anything that generates money, you must contact me to negotiate a deal for share of that profit.

The next restriction is that you must credit me. The creditation must not be hard to find, and it must make clear what material of mine you used, and where. It would be really nice if you let me know about it, but that's technically not a requirement. So long as you clearly include credit, you've done your part.

Another restriction is that you can't edit my work so that it's not clear that it came from me. For example, copying an article and presenting the same idea but changing the words so it seems like you wrote it.

The last requirement is that any work that includes mine must have a similar license as this. I'm not that strict on this point, but basically, you can't use something of mine, copyright it yourself in a new way that prevents others from using it.

If in any way you are unsure whether or not your use conforms to these restrictions, you should refer to the Creative Commons site, or reach out to me.

Other Copyrights

Some of my work may have appeared in places that have different copyright conditions than this website. If my work is reproduced somewhere, with my agreement, under different copyright conditions, then the most restrictive takes precedence.

Some works on this site my also have different copyright conditions, and will be marked as such. Again, if anywhere it seems that two copyrights are applied, the most restrictive is the one that matters.