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A more or less complete list of things I've written.

Entries are grouped by overarching genres or themes, then by publication, and then ordered by date, with most recent at the top.



So far, I've only written one fiction book, though I hope to change this soon.

Non Fiction


It's unlikely I'll ever write another non-fiction book, but I had this idea about how humor works that I got excited enough about to put into a book.

The core theory may be wrong or right, but in any case I think the book has some interesting points to make about comedy. The twelve people who read it seemed to genuinely like it.


Largely self directed writing on topics that interest me, which can be just about anything.

From the Gutt

That's "gutt," with two t's, because my last name is "Gutteridge." This is my blog where I write on various topics, sometimes personal, sometimes political, and more.

Pop Culture Reviews on Medium

Reviews of pop culture stories, mainly TV and movies.

Blog Archive

For a little while this site was a blog, but then I switched over to posting on Medium.

The whole blog interface is gone, but everything I posted is archived and linked to here.


For a while I wrote about cryptocurrencies for pay.


Cryptostars is a cryptocurrency magazine on Medium. Basically the crypto related stuff I post on Medium I add to their account. is a website where readers tip articles they like. Topics can be anything, but I mainly wrote about Bitcoin Cash and related issues here.

Invest In Blockchain

A site that provides information about companies developing blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency solutions.


A cryptocurrency news site


BlockExplorer used to have a section with news and guides to cryptocurrency. That section seems to be gone now, so the articles I wrote are archived here.


I have one or two blog posts about Japan, but everything in this section was paid contract work.

All About Japan

A web site with general information about Japan, mainly for people visiting, but also just for anyone interested in Japanese culture.

Metropolis Magazine

A magazine with events listing and lifestyle information for English speakers living in or visiting Japan.